Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study Analysis Format

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In the case study “Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Terms and Bad” by Michael Beer and Elizabeth Collins (2008). there are many detrimental organizational issues that are brought to light in the mist of industry downturn and organizational turmoil.

The case study analysis identifies organizational issues and provides possible solutions. Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant solution proposal contain key terms. such as. Motivation. Communication. Feedback. Goal Setting Theory. Empowering Employees. Social System and Equity Theory.

This case study analysis is designed to evaluate and explain the organizational issues taking place within the constructs of the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant. while simultaneously including human and organizational behavior theories.

Analysis There are a variety of reasons the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant finds itself in this current predicament. 1. Failure to continuously adjust the Scanlon plan over time to maintain employee motivation 2. Failure to respond to employee complaints in a timely fashion 3. An industrial recession which has resulted in decreased motivation and lower sales 4. Inability to pay out monthly bonuses 5.

. . . Case Study Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Times and Bad Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant. in Richmond. Indiana. a privately owned company that has been in existence since 1948. Engstrom was largely successful until the late 1990’s at which time the plant struggled to make a profit. During this period the plant was updating its production lines by adding new technology. This . . .

CASE STUDY ANALYSIS: ENGSTROM 2 Background Engstrom Auto Mirror plant is a small. privately owned business in Richmond. Indiana. Since its inception in 1948. Engstrom has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of mirrors for the automobile industry. Over the course of its history. the company had many years of success and profitability. However. in 2007. Engstrom found itself at a . . .

Case Study Analysis: Root Causes The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant is facing organizational issues that stem from many root causes. One of the root causes is that the organizational culture was never. . .

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